World of energy more accessible than ever: new Terna’s portal is online

World of energy more accessible than ever: new Terna’s portal is online

New Terna‘s official website is online. Interactive electricity-related data, more accessible and transparent content for all stakeholders, above all the local community within easy reach for all the users. Led by Luigi Ferraris Terna¸ one of the main European electricity transmission grid operators, is playing a central role in the phase of the energy transition towards decarbonization, we are currently living.

By this fact comes the need to promote and enhance its competences and its experience by creating this brand new and mobile friendly platform. One of most interesting points are the sections “Electric System“, dedicated to the world of electricity, it will serve as a reference point for operators. The area “Projects” is focused on community dialogue ad “People” is aimed at supporting employees and their professional development. “In this phase of energy transition, where Terna holds a leading role, this platform is a valuable chance for us to present ourselves and our work as an authoritative voice that is able to provide information on energy scenarios that is both unique and reliable. It has required a considerable amount of teamwork, which promotes our responsibility to innovation and sustainable development, and places Terna at the forefront of our European TSO contemporaries, at the centre of the great changes that are occurring in the world of energy. That’s why, I’am very proud” declared the CEO Luigi Ferraris. Noteworthy is also “lightbox” the new energy blog launched by Terna to coincide with the presentation of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.


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