Luigi Ferraris: Terna’s Strategic Plan to Accompany Energy Transition

Luigi Ferraris: Terna’s Strategic Plan to Accompany Energy Transition

Terna intends to play a leading role in the energy transition process already underway: it meets all the prerequisites for achieving excellent results, starting from international leadership in the Utilities sanctioned by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

CEO and General Manager Luigi Ferraris gave a video interview to Milan Finanza for the Terna US Roadshow, explaining the Strategic Plan in place and emphasising that, “since the presentation of our first strategic plan in 2018, Terna has recorded a two billion euro increase in market capitalisation“. The CEO and General Manager stated that the investments proposed by the company are “credible and go in the same direction as the market“. Reception by investors in the US was “very positive“. The Strategic Plan is the result of major growth and a positive trend for the company: Terna is thus perfectly able to support an ambitious investment plan, pouring 6.2 billion euros into Italian networks over 5 years. 700 million will be used in the field of innovation and digitalisation. The Plan aims to “accompany energy transition, and its pillars include the growth of renewables for over 40 thousand megawatts from solar and wind by 2030, the need to invest in storage systems that capture energy from renewable sources during peak availability, and investments in the major networks that are called to manage an energy system that has clearly changed“. According to Luigi Ferraris, “the network must be re-engineered and rethought in order to optimise the use of renewable sources within the system, safely and with the least dispersion possible“. In this context, digitalisation is crucial and represents a challenge necessary to achieve “more automated, more intelligent and smarter network management“. During the Milano Finanza interview, the CEO and General Manager emphasised that Terna’s Strategic Plan was positively perceived by the market, also thanks to the significant growth in share prices since 2018.


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