Terna: Italian electricity consumption data

Executive Manager - Luigi Ferraris

According to the data recently disclosed by Terna, the Italian company which manages the national electricity grid, electricity demand in Italy stood at 26.5 kWh in December 2018, with a 1.5% decrease compared to the same period of the previous year.

The company managed by CEO and General Manager, Luigi Ferraris, explained on a press release that the decrease is mainly due to two major events: an average monthly temperature a degree higher than the previous year and the fact that December 2018 had one working day less than December 2017.
Every year, Terna is responsible for the preparation and release of "Statistical Data on electricity in Italy", a publication which collects relevant information on some of the main aspects of the national electricity sector. Provisional data provided by the company managed by Luigi Ferraris show Italy's total electricity demand in 2018 to be 0.4% higher than the one in 2017, amounting to 321.9 billion kWh, of which 35% derived from renewable sources, a score that represents the highest figure since 2013.
In terms of energy production, Terna states that in December 2018 86.6% of the electricity demand in Italy was met by national production. The remainder share of 13.4% was met by the balance of electricity exchanged with foreign countries, with a net national production decrease of 2.8% compared to December 2017.

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