Terna: Brasil, a new electricity line enters into operation

Executive Manager - Luigi Ferraris

Terna, the Italian electricity grid company managed by Luigi Ferraris, recently announced the completion of the construction and activation of the high-voltage electricity line "Jauru-Cuiabá 2" and its two electrical substations in the state of Mato Grosso. The new 500 kV electricity line is a strategic infrastructure that has significant importance for the region.

It will in fact allow the integration of the power produced by the renewable energy plants of the region in the national transmission grid located in central Brasil. More than 1,350 technicians and 33 companies were involved in the work and 75% of the project was constructed using low environmental impact single-stem pylons, with a total value of investments of approximately 160 million euro. Terna provided its support to municipalities by donating and making certain medical equipment available to citizens. The Group led by Luigi Ferraris also provided training and education regarding malaria, a disease which is considered endemic in the region of Mato Grosso.


More information on this topic is available on Terna's website at the following link:

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