Luigi Ferraris: Terna CEO wins the Utilities Manager – Energy 2018 prize

Executive Manager - Luigi Ferraris

Luigi Ferraris, CEO and General Manager of Terna, was awarded the "Utilities Manager" prize for the energy sector for his deep commitment "in promoting an increasingly sustainable, efficient, safe and innovative energy model".

The award was presented by last year's winners, Alessandro Garrone, Executive Vice President of ERG, and Luca Bettonte, CEO of ERG, during the annual workshop of the Observatory on Utilities organized by Agici and Accenture. The important acknowledgement was received with great pleasure by Luigi Ferraris, who expressed his wish to share it with all of his partners "who continue to work with the dedication, passion and commitment required to make this possible". Terna CEO also underlined the fact that the electricity system "represents a key and enabling driver of sustainable development for society and the territory". Luigi Ferraris also stated that the electricity system "must be developed through investments aimed at the safety of our communities, implementing new and innovative ways of collaboration and dialogue". Terna is one of the main protagonists of the energy transition which is currently taking place in Europe and in the world in general. Luigi Ferraris also reminded that "the electricity system is one of the crucial tools for achieving the targets set out in the Energy and Climate Plan". Since May 2017 CEO and General Manager of Terna, Luigi Ferraris has previously developed a strong financial and managing experience on top Italian Groups such as Enel and Poste Italiane, where he served as Chief Financial Officer until 2017.

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