Luigi Ferraris: Terna CEO talks about sustainability

Executive Manager - Luigi Ferraris

In a recent interview published by Italian newspaper Il Mattino, Luigi Ferraris, CEO and General Manager of Terna, the Italian electricity grid company, explained the Group's strong commitment towards the reduction of the environmental impact of infrastructural works.

In Naples, Terna plans the dismission of 15 kilometers of power lines and 20 kilometers of underground cables are going to be replaced with more technically advanced and sustainable for the environment cables. According to Luigi Ferraris, one of the main goals to be achieved is that of a stronger share of renewable sources in the energy mix, a challenging commitment which is directly related to the progressive decarbonization towards which the energetic transition is leading. Another key aspect highlighted by Luigi Ferraris deals with the stability of the grid. In the Naples area, in particular, plants and cables are in most cases quite dated and, for this particular reason, they require maintenance or replacement. According to Terna CEO, in some areas investments date back to 50-60 years ago and an adequate maintenance plan would be necessary. On the aforementioned interview, Luigi Ferraris also highlighted Terna's commitment aimed at creating a dialogue channel with local institutions and community; a key approach which, as Luigi Ferraris stated, has not only been applied in Naples but on a larger national scale.


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