Luigi Ferraris leads Terna delegation at the World Energy Week 2018

Executive Manager - Luigi Ferraris

A delegation of Terna, led by CEO Luigi Ferraris and including Luca Torchia, Head of External relations and sustainability; Carlo Crea, International Affairs Director; and Enrico Carlini, Dispatching Director, took part to the World Energy Week 2018 held in Milan until 11 October.

The summit, promoted by the World Energy Council, brought together Ministers, academics and managers of the most important Energy companies.
Terna also hosted the annual GO15 CEO meeting, which brings together the 19 largest TSOs - Trasmission System Operators. Luigi Ferraris kicked off the 2 day Event. Terna's CEO stated that "the event represents [for Terna] an opportunity to enhance the uniqueness and excellence of the Italian electricity grid, focusing on today's most instrumental themes such as sustainability, innovation, technological research and development of the electricity grid, for which we are seen as leaders within Europe and the Mediterranean".
Luigi Ferraris also stressed the importance of the event as it allows a discussion on the most topical issues for the grid operators. Regarding the discussion, Luigi Ferraris that at the end of it "we will not only exchange knowledge and ideas about the future, but we will define the effective GO-15 roadmap for 2019".
Terna's Head of External Relations underlined that we are rapidly moving towards "a new energy paradigm where development of renewable sources and electrification is fundamental for achieving the ambitious decarbonisation objects" which, according to Torchia, is an irreversibile global trend. He also added that in order to deal with the challenges of energy transitions, it is necessary "a combination of actions working on the digitalisation of resources and infrastructure, as well as redesigning the market rules and the introduction of new grid infrastructure".
On the occasion of the World Energy Week, an event particulary important for Italy since it has been awarded the triple AAA for security, justice and sustainable energy by the World Trilemma Energy Index, the Report analysing of the energy performance of various countries has been discussed.


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